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Project Update: St. George Orthodox Church, Indianapolis, IN

The iconostasis project for St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church in Indianapolis, IN was installed on May 9, 2014 just in time for the consecration of the Church on May 11, 2014. This project was designed and hand carved in White Oak by Konstantinos Papadakis. When the installation was complete, the gap between the edge of the iconostasis and the columns on either side was 1/8", a testament to the precision of Konstantinos' work.

In this photo, we see Konstantinos Papadakis (right) with his apprentice Paul Sirba.


Brazilian Rosewood Console Table

This beautiful console table was hand carved and built out of rare and exotic Brazilian Rosewood. This is truly a one-of-a-kind work of art. The photos were taken upon completion in the workshop at Artistic Woodcarving Studio.


Project Update: Holy Trinity, Tulsa, OK

In September, 2013, the new iconostasis was installed at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Tulsa, OK. The local news station did a short piece on this project, and a half-page article appeared called "Celebrating Traditions" appeared in the Tulsa World newspaper.

In addition, Konstantinos received a beautiful thank you card from a parishioner at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church.

Dear Mr. Papadakis,

I am a parishioner at Holy Trinity in Tulsa OK and I just wanted to write and thank you for the beautiful and holy work you did in carving our iconostasion. It is such an amazing work and inspires me so spiritually. It is very apparent that this is your ministry and not just a job. May God continue to bless you and your work.


Holy Anagyroi Icon Stands

These icon stands were delivered to the Holy Anagyroi Greek Orthodox Church in Rochester, MN.



St. Nektarios Ceremonial Table

This ceremonial, or service table was delivered to St. Nektarios Greek Orthodox Church. Each face of the table depicts an image appropriate to the services being conducted.

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Bishop's Throne

Here are some images of a recently completed project of a Bishop's Throne. From an article posted on the website of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America (,

On the right-hand side of the nave is the bishop's throne from which he presides as a living icon of Christ among his people. Even in the bishop's absence, the throne reminds all that the parish is not an isolated entity but is part of a diocese which the bishop heads.

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I have worked with a wonderful painter and iconographer for many years by the name of Panaiotis Mihaloupoulos. Here are some images of the work he has done for projects we've worked on together. All of his work, like the work of Konstantinos is done by hand.

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St. George Orthodox Church, Indianapolis, IN

Here is an image from blueprints from another iconostasis project at St. George Orthodox Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. This project will be carved in the Criticoeptanisiaco style. There are only five Churches in the world, known to be carved in this style. This will be the second Church in the United States carved in this style, and both projects will have been carved by Konstantinos Papadakis.

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Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, Tulsa, OK

Here are some hand drawn blueprints for my new project, Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Tulsa Oklahoma. The symbols in the panels on this project are taken from our rich Orthodox tradition. This project began in August, 2012 and is scheduled to be completed in August of 2013. The dimensions of this project are 38.5 feet long, and 15.3 feet high. The wood used in this project is American Black Walnut. The design details of these carvings are Papadakis originals.

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Holy Anagyroi Greek Orthodox Church, Rochester, MN


Pallouriotissa, Nicosia, Cyprus

The Church in Pallouriotissa, Cyprus holds a special place in the heart of Konstantinos Papadakis. As a young wood carver in the 1960's, under the tutelage of the master of masters, Theophanis Nomicos, he was honored to have some of his work selected to be included in the iconostasis of this beautiful church.

At the time, photographs of his work were forbidden by his master. The photographs shown here were taken recently by a friend traveling in Cyprus, and were given to Konstantinos. While these photographs show the work of several carvers, the royal doors, columns and several panels are the work of Konstantinos Papadakis.

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St. Nektarios Greek Orthodox Church

In September of 2009, Konstantinos traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina to install a new iconostasis, and present it to the parish of St. Nektarios Greek Orthodox Church.

Two years in the making, this vast creation was done in the Cretan Eptanisiako rhythm, and allowed Konstantinos to fulfill both a spiritual and a professional dream.

In November, 2009 the parish of St. Nektarios Greek Orthodox church published a Letter to St. Nektarios Parishioners in their monthly bulletin.

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